Pride Week

I’m constantly going through periods between partial acceptance and complete denial. Whenever I see people standing up for themselves, I feel like I’m invincible. Sometimes I just want to tell the world that I just don’t care anymore, and whatever I am, I am; and I’m proud of that. Sometimes I don’t even want to deny that I like her, but would rather confess it to the world that I do. Other times, I am adamant on the fact that I’m not. There’s absolutely nothing to shake the belief of my heterosexuality, and everything else that I’ve ever thought, was a complete lie that I created, with the influence of others. There’s no way that I’d ever like her, it’s just a simple attraction. Then all this is bullshit, even all this confusion, because there never was anything, and there never will be, and I’m just playing mind games with myself again. I don’t know; I don’t even know if I care anymore. Maybe it doesn’t matter? Maybe it does? I just want something to be sure of, in a world of confusion.