I miss you.

Every time a relationship changes - suddenly all the things attributed to that relationship and person take on a new perspective. The larger a part that person played in your life, the larger a portion that person changes. All the big and little things and activities that once seemed so casual become inundated with new emotional implications as a result of the many connections we made between them and the person with whom we made them. 

It’s incredible how many of these little connections we make. There are very few songs I can listen to without being reminded of someone, and even simple activities such as walking down a street or drinking chocolate milk become associated with particular individuals or certain memories. Then all of a sudden, when that person’s gone, everything seems so much lonelier - the sense of aloneness augmented by the comparison of doing the same activity with and without that person. Does that make any sense? 

Even when we meet new people and attempt to overwrite the past - it’s only a substitution at best. It almost seems like the more relationships we go through, and the more we experience, the more difficult it becomes to find something new that hasn’t been soiled by nostalgia. Even though the same activity with someone else would be different - not better or worse - there’ll always be that shadow of the past. 

Or perhaps I’m just overly sentimental.