it's possible to take a tour of North Korea

There are actually multiple North Korean travel companies that will take you on a tour of the world’s most private country. 

I really can’t fathom what life in North Korea would be like. Do the citizens know about the world beyond the country’s borders? What kind of culture is created when there’s no contact with the outside world? How poor is the quality of life? How do people live without the Internet? Living under a dictatorship seems like such a horror to me, but to those people, that’s all they know. Is it possible for them to miss something that they’ve never had? How does a fundamental difference in philosophy change the way we live?

To live in ignorance, to believe the lies that are told - that makes for a classic dystopia from the point of view of Western ideals. Yet, when you think about it, do any of us really know any more about what’s going on around us? We tend to view everything as if it’s in a little bubble - that the world does not stretch beyond the boundaries of our personal lives. If we choose not to educate ourselves, not to wonder and question beyond the information that we’re given, aren’t we also ignorant?

North Korea is going on my travel bucket-list.