I'm a(nother) melodramatic teenager

  • Artists (of any form) are romantics. That’s why we memorialise memories - to preserve impressions in a form that can outlast its ephemeral moment.
  • In noticing arguably trivial details, we put more of ourselves into really framing the atmosphere. 
  • By directing our attentions to endearing little quirks like the way the corners of his eyes crease when he grins, or how she has one eye closed and one eye half open while she’s living in another moment, we inject the scene before us with significance until it bloats into balloon that doesn’t deflate until we have the chance to make art. 
  • The larger we imagine the scene to be in the moment, the longer it takes for impressions to fade.
  • We like making it more difficult for ourselves to move on. 
  • & we’ll keep writing and singing and dancing and remembering the special ideas we’d purposely engrained in our minds because that’s all we have.
  • It’s like some strange contradiction of living in the present in order to really remember it for the future so you can look back on the past.

Or maybe that’s just me.