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This place ain’t so ugly after all. 

and if your strife strikes at your sleep
remember spring swaps snow for leaves
you’ll be happy and wholesome again
when the city clears and sun ascends

I’ve been feeling more renewed these past few days. It just feels so good to go outside and feel the sun and warm breeze and walk through the quads and parks seeing people sitting on the grass and under trees and tossing footballs and frisbees and jogging and sitting on the steps and enjoying the day. I actually feel like going out and doing things rather than hiding and wasting away - in fact, I even went for a jog (wait, what, doing things actually make us happier?!). It's reminiscent of the early autumn days when we all first arrived on campus, so full of promise and excitement. It’s nice to escape the dull and barren blandness/coldness of winter. 

& so it goes with our corresponding mental states. It’s nice to feel alive.

Hey, no way, I guess all those clichés about Spring bringing new life and rebirth etc, are true and multiply realizable.